Thursday, September 18, 2008


OMG! I haven't made anything new in too long, I'm going through withdrawal! I have to make something this weekend though, cause the girls are coming over and we are doing another Christmas shoebox party! So, I DO have to find time to make something, well, 2 somethings, for it. Plus an entree and drinks, and I need to clean up some, too. When exactly will I find time to do all of this????
Anyhoo, here is a onesie I made for my good friend Erin's baby shower. I made a onesie card to give her, with snaps on the bottom but forgot to take a picture. I made a bunch of these and strung them together to make a garland. Everyone seemed to like them. I also used this Sweet One stamp from SU and the scallop punch to make cutlery wraps (attached the punched image to a strip of cardstock and wrapped around the silverware and napkins). Simple, but cute. I also wrapped a couple of small drinking cups for use in one of our shower games, Bottom's Up. :) It's a game with little plastic babies (by Wilton, in the cake decorating aisle), you put them in a cup and roll them like dice and try to get their bottoms to land up! We never actually played it, because it was a couples shower and you KNOW how boys are, but still a fun game idea!
Wow, I ended up having more to say here than I orginally thought! Huh? Well, today is mine and my husband's anniversary! Four glorious years! So, even though he'll be working til very late tonight, I probably still won't find any time to make anything. But, I'll try to do something before he gets home. We are going out Saturday night, nothing fancy, we have free tickets to the Royals game so we are going to get the free stocking cap. I don't know what else we'll do, the boats? How very romantic! And smoky! Yuck! We went to Argosy earlier this month for Jeff's birthday, and I'd forgotten how incredibly smoky those places are. I could smell it in the revolving door at the front, and it just got worse the further in we walked. I'm glad that we don't go very often, it had probably been 3 years since I've been out there. And, I guess I'll be fine if I wait another 3 years to go again. We did make some money there though! Gotta love the penny slots! We left with more money than we went with, even after Jeff's beers, so it was a successful evening!

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