Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally a post!

September Gardner Stamp Club Swaps, Theme is Fall, from top - Marilyn, Vickie, Barb, Melissa, Mine

This is Barb's make-n-take that we all made, it's a Fold-Over Treat Envelope first seen in the TAC catty. Barb tells more about it here, and much more eloquently, too. :) And, Barb took both of these pics, the swap pic was on our Gardner Stamp Club page and the Envelope on her blog. How sad, I couldn't even take the time to take a picture myself. :( Oh well, Barb's pics are WAY better!

I agreed to participate in Barb's Random Mail Stamp Challenge, she told you about it here...and plan to actually get to it tonight! I misplaced the image she sent me, but finally found it last night. I'd like to get one more post in this month, cause I've been SLACKING (in all fairness, I've been fighting some sort of illness and spend most of my time at home coughing which in turn gives me a headache and we've been breaking the little guy from his pacifier, so I've had my hands full!) and haven't done much. :( Tonight is the night to get this done! I've got an idea, and hopefully I'll have it posted before midnight! Anyhoo, check out Barb's site and you'll find the other gals that have participated on the right side of her page. There's some cute stuff there! :) If you'd like to be the next to participate, leave a comment and I'll send you a random stamped image and the directions for the challenge!

Until this evening....

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