Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Enabler Alert!!!!

I went to Archiver's today for a LEGITIMATE reason...to get B&W checkered paper for Will's birthday invites cause nobody else has any. Well, they now have the new extra-giga scalloped Marvy punches. They are HUGE! I was going to use my 30% off coupon on a Hot Spot item because I didn't need anything else. Well, new plan, the circle extra-giga had to come home with me. Dang it! I really need to save money, AND THIS AIN'T HELPING! I'll be back again after the 16th to use my other coupon on another extra-giga I guess.

Somebody please post and tell me they did the same thing!


Barb said...

I saw those! But I am trying not to buy anymore since I am starting the Nestabilities collection! (although, it is easier to just go grab a punch)

Toni said...

I'm with Barb, sorry. Since I've been buying the nestabilities, I'm trying not to look at punches! At least those big shape ones. WE won't talk about the new Martha Stewart one I bought at Michaels for Halloween. Barb would be proud of me for buying Halloween!