Friday, September 5, 2008

I ran out of adhesive twice tonight...

I made lots of cards tonight! I pretty much only used what I had upstairs, which wasn't much. I did have to run down once to get a few things to finish up the special day and the birthday card. I'm very happy with how these 2 turned out, and they were both made with all scraps! The bandana print even came from my scrap box, I don't even remember when I used the rest of it. Yea for me! And, Barb will recognize the circle from the special day card, it came from HER scrap box. A couple weekends ago when I stamped at her house for her scrap day, I hoarded that little circle hoping I could find something to do with it. I never did, so she MADE me take it home. I am so VERY happy with how this card turned out. It is my favorite! The trick or treat one is okay, it's missing something. I'm just not very good with the creepy, guess I should leave that to Barb. I even made another note card holder, but after running out of adhesive for the second time, I didn't feel like running after more. I'll finish it tomorrow.
Have a nice weekend, y'all!

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Barb said...

These are awesome!! Love the touch of twine w/ the bandana paper. Great colors w/ the Halloweenie one, too... love it! And of course we all love the 2nd one... I'm so glad you took that circle with you!! :)