Thursday, July 31, 2008

SU's new catty!

Okay, so I should REALLY be sleeping right now. In about 5 hours we should be on the road to Minnesota to see my parents. But, I just finished up with the packing, and am trying to wind down. I'd normally watch my DVR'd Gilmore Girls (yes, I watch it) but our cable has been horrible lately and was apparently down today so it didn't DVR! Now both boxes in our house say that they aren't authorized for service or some BS like that, so I can't watch anything on cable right now! We've always had trouble with them, but this month they are really driving me crazy! Oh well, I'm watching a fine feature film right now...Real Genius with Val Kilmer...I love this movie!

Anyhoo, enough of my ranting, if you get a chance, go check out Kim's Blog, she's at the Stampin Up convention and has posted a preview of the new catalog. It looks like there is some fun stuff in there! I know I can't wait to see it!

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