Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pepe' Le Pew visited last night....

Okay, so how was your Wednesday night? Ours was awesome! Last night, our poor dog K.O. was sprayed by a skunk! Ughh! She couldn't help it she was curious about the lil' kitty that didn't run away like the rest. It doesn't help that she's deaf too, so yelling and screaming for her to come back inside didn't help. It was too late, Pepe' already got her! Of course, we didn't realize that she had actually gotten sprayed until she was safely inside the house. Oh goodness, the stinch! So, we shove her and Tora back outside because we thought both of them got it and wasn't quite sure what to do. Jeff proceeds to gather stuff to give them baths and I get to work on cleaning the carpets where K.O. foamed all over, guess she got sprayed in the mouth? Yuck! I Febreezed, lit candles and found every air freshner in the house and put them in the living room. It still kind of smells this morning, but not HORRIBLE. I found this great site today, Thrifty Fun, although I don't know what's fun about being SKUNKED, but found some simple remedies that hopefully will help with the remaining stench. Bowls of apple cider vinegar and coffee grounds will be spread around the house today!

Okay, and then even BEFORE the "skunk incident" I found a little fella that looks sort of like THAT on the wall in the basement while doing laundry. YUCK! I think it was a house centipede, at least that is what this thing is called. Gross! The last time I saw him, he scurried underneath the freezer.

I tell you what, we just can't catch a break whatsoEVER!
Hope your Thursday is better than our Wednesday!
Shannon :)

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