Monday, October 20, 2008

How cute is my little man?

So, I didn't get anything done that I'd hoped to this weekend. I didn't make my swap cards for Thursday, I didn't make Will's birthday thank you's (so I didn't get to write them out either), I didn't make it out to the Maple Leaf Festival either.... :( Instead of going to Baldwin, I opted to go the Pumpkin Patch instead. We didn't have the best of luck with our photo shoot of Will on KU's campus yesterday so I decided to try my luck at the patch today. It turned out really well! I think that we actually have a few pics to choose from! Now I just need to pick some, edit and PRINT!

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Barb said...

He is adorable! And of course it didn't work out on KU's campus... it IS KU afterall! ;)