Monday, August 18, 2008

Barb's stampin day and Harry Potter!

This is one of the cards I made at Barb's house on Saturday. Yes, and it was all made from Barb's scraps! What a fun idea, huh? If you, too, have lots of scraps at home. It would be fun to invite your friends over and see what you can create with them. I have a couple other little things I did, I just need to get pics taken of them. (I scanned this one at work....shhhh! Don't tell!)

I love all things Harry Potter. The books are AMAZING! And the movies are actually not half-bad either! I just happened across the trailer (now at the bottom of this page!) to the sixth book/movie in the series...Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! The movie was originally going to be released in November of this year...but has now been rescheduled to open in July 2009 now! I can't wait that long. THAT'S A YEAR AWAY!!!!!!! How can they do this to us?

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